The Video Design GURUs


Enable Engineering is an engineering design firm focused on the development of OEM and ODM solutions for our customers.  Whether you have a detailed design or just an idea, the team at Enable will ensure you get the product you need at a price point that meets your business objectives.  We are committed to your success.

Sample projects include:

  1. Modular Video Processing Blades

  2. Image Processing & Display Systems

  3. Video Format Converters

  4. Evaluation Boards

Technology Expertise in:

  1. SDI, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT

  2. SMPTE & VESA Interfaces up to 4k

  3. High Speed Digital interfacing

  4. Image Processing algorithms

  5. Embedded microprocessors

  6. Digital Video and HDTV

  7. Complex FPGA design

  8. Analog interfacing

  9. Embedded software

  10. Application software

  11. Web Interfaces


Products and services

Enable Engineering     is committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering the highest quality products and services.  At Enable, our customers’ goals are our highest priority.